Copper Repipe & PEX

As homes and buildings age, galvanized pipes can begin to corrode and rust. You may experience leaks or low water pressure. You may start to notice that the shower water goes cold when someone flushes a toilet or you may see water that looks discolored coming from your faucets. When these types of problems start to occur, you may need to have repiping done in your home or building.

Copper Pipe Plumbing Replacement

Customers who need a partial or full home or building repipe will find that repiping with copper lines can bring plumbing to modern standards and fix many of the issues presented with galvanized piping. Copper piping provides a long lasting solution to problems like plumbing leaks, better quality drinking water and better water pressure through the home and building.

PEX piping

PEX piping (crosslink Polyethelene) has been in use for residential re plumbing for over twenty years, and has become very popular for repiping. It doesn’t corrode or develop pinhole leaks. It’s flexible, allowing it to expand and contract with changing temperatures and allowing for pressure balancing in your home.

PEX re plumbing is very affordable.  Because PEX is easier and faster to install and requires fewer fittings, PEX repiping is often more affordable than copper repiping, especially as copper has become quite expensive.

PEX piping is also very durable.  PEX will not deteriorate (corrode) in high PH water conditions and also has a very long expected useful life – as much as 75 years.

Great for you

Gamma Plumbing can help you handle any and all problems associated with your home, property or business piping and water system needs. We will work with you to create solutions that are lasting and within your budget. Repiping services will be performed by Gamma Plumbing in a manner in which we will create minimal disturbance to your home or business. All repiping projects done by Gamma Plumbing will be in accordance with state and local codes and inspected as per city and county requirements.

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