Earthquake Shut Off Valves

An emergency earthquake shut off valve is intended to close the gas line to your home, on the outside of your house, in the event of an earthquake. This will greatly reduce potential risk of explosion or fire due to the loss of gas line integrity or gas leak inside your home after a major earthquake.

At Gamma Plumbing we exclusively install “The California Gas Valve.” Having been manufactured in California since 1978, this valve comes with a 30 year warranty.  These top-of-the-line valves are the original, tried and true valves made by Pacific Seismic Products and are built in the USA.  We install the California gas valve in any size requested for both vertical and horizontal installations as well as residential and commercial use .

We warranty our installation. With the installation of this emergency gas valve, we use a ridge bracing strut that keeps the gas line stiff to avoid false trips as well as ensuring that it is triggered when the house moves. With your order from Gamma Plumbing, you will have the peace of mind knowing that the valve is installed correctly.